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UpdateMarch 9, 2023
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Google Account Manager is a tool that allows you to organize your Google account within Android. It provides many features, like adding and removing accounts, changing your password, and managing your account settings. It also lets you access your account info and perform tasks like creating and managing folders and sending and receiving messages. You can review and control your account activity. It’s also perfect for those who want to use a different account for different purposes. This app is for you if you’re looking for a way to keep your personal and work life separate.

What is Google Account Manager Apk?

Google Account Manager APK is an Android app that assists you in managing your Google account log-in info. It stores and manages your Google account information and passwords. You can add and remove accounts from your device. It offers a centralized location for handling your account settings.
The app provides useful services such as backup, restore, and device setup, where you can back up the data on connected devices on Google Drive. Besides that, you can use Google Drive to back up your photographs, files, and contacts. You can recover any contacts on any linked or nearby device.
You can configure your work profile on your Android device. The app manages this profile separately from your account configured on your device. You can remotely locate your device using the “Find My device” feature in the Google Account Manager app. The app also notifies you about new features and upgrades.

What is Google Account Manager Apk MOD?

Google Account Manager MOD APK is a modified version of the official Google Account Manager app. It includes many features not found in the official app. It includes the ability to bypass the lock screen on certain devices and the ability to run on non-rooted devices. It also includes many bug fixes and performance improvements. Download Google Account Manager Apk MOD latest version on your Android device, to handle your Google accounts.

Google Account Manager APK Features

Free App

Google Account Manager for Android is a free app that helps to sign in to your Google account on your Android device. This application helps in accessing the Google Play Store and using Google services.

Account Customization

You can configure it to save the following data:
Chrome history and internet search
Set the workplace or home location, access maps, and location history.
Use YouTube history to pick where you left off with your favorite shows.
Timeline of activities to save places and experience.
Google Dashboard collects information from all Google apps. It shows the activity summary, including Gmail chats, account services, AdSense products, Call logs, Calendar activities, Drive files, YouTube clips, and transaction details. You can also use the app to download your info.
You can delete any of the Google services as needed.
If you stop using Google services due to certain issues, you can choose Inactive so that you can handle your data later.
You can manage meetings, purchasing dates, and bookings on the Calendar.
You can also activate a business personalization mode to follow your company’s growth using Google business products such as Google My Business, Google Ads, G Suite, and Google Pay for Business.

Google Account Security & Data Recovery

This app lets you secure your data and account through a 2-step verification and security code. Aside from privacy settings, one of the most important benefits of Google Account is data and profile recovery. You can restore your data from any device if you want to save your data, files, images, and contacts in your Google Account. To do so, you must enter the following personal information into your account manager app:
Log into your Gmail account and confirm your phone number to retrieve your phone.
Restore your Gmail by creating a backup account.
To make data recovery safer, you can enable a security question.
The app records data breaches and alerts you if there is any odd or suspicious conduct on the account from a different device.

Device Management

With your Google accounts logged in, you can manage all your devices. You can control your phone’s activity histories in this manner. You can also use this app to find a misplaced device. In the event of an unfamiliar sign-in, you can identify any device as unrecognized. It alerts you when you log in from a new device or location. You go to some other country, for example, if you mark your home and business locations in Maps. In this case, the account manager will receive an alert concerning sign-in activity from an unfamiliar location.

Contacts And Sharing

You can always organize contacts, like phone numbers and email addresses. You can share your whereabouts with your friends and family. It lets you share your activity and recent travels with your family. You can control how much data you display and share with your contacts.

Google Account Access to Third-Party Apps

This app records any third-party programs logged in with your account. These apps access your email address and name and display pictures. You can keep track of all the apps that use your Google account.

Payments And Subscriptions

You no anymore have to be anxious about the various subscription charges’ deadlines and monthly bills. Google account manager handles all of these. The app records your activities connected to transactions and bookings made via search, assistant, and Maps.

Simple to Use

The application is very user-friendly. It lets you manage your Google accounts and other associated data.

Find Devices Connected To An Email Address

Using the Google account manager, you can find your device remotely.

Manage Your Google Pay Transactions

You can simply trace your card transactions using Google Pay, linked to your e-wallet and credit card. You can also track in-app purchases, memberships, and bookings. All the records are available on a single app.

Google Drive Data Backup

Google Account Manager lets you back up your data, contacts, and photographs to Google Drive and recover them on any device.

Keep Track of Your Activities

If you connect your Google account to the device via the Google Account Manager, you can monitor the device’s actions through your account.

Data Management for Third-Party Apps

Aside from Google apps, you may control third-party apps with your Google account info.

Data Backup and Restore

It is the most convenient approach to restoring data and setting up any new device in moments.

Managing and Operating Multiple Accounts

You can configure and control your private and business Google accounts through the same device.

Shared User Data

It lets you control your Google account from a single location. You can use a single Google account on tablets and Android phones. You may then keep an eye on both devices and save the data to a linked Google Drive.

Google Account Manager MOD APK Features

Bypass FRP (Factory-Reset Protection)

There are times when you may need to bypass FRP Lock on your Android device. Like, if you have forgotten the Google account passcode linked to your device. You can bypass FRP Lock in such cases using Google Account Manager MOD APK.
After downloading the app, simply open it and enter the details of the Google account you want to bypass. The app will then generate a code that you can use to dodge FRP Lock.


Google Account Manager MOD APK for Android helps to maintain your Google account. You can use it to add and delete accounts, reset your password, and edit your account settings. It can also control your Google account on your PC. Download Google Account Manager MOD APK latest version to bypass FRP Lock on your Android device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I get the APK file onto my Android device?
Install the APK file from this page onto your Android smartphone. However, you must take precautions if this is your first time installing APK from third-party sources.
After downloading the APK file from this site, navigate to your Android phone’s settings and Security. You’ll discover an option to “install APK from unknown sources” in device administration. Allow this option before installing the APK. However, while downloading APKs from third-party sources, exercise extreme caution. This website distributes genuine and unmodified files free of viruses and dangerous links.

Is Google Account Manager MOD APK available for free on Android?
Yes, it is entirely free. Most applications like this are not free. However, you may get them for free from this website.

Is Google Account Manager MOD APK secure?
Yes, it is one of the most trustworthy and reliable Android apps accessible today. However, you should always obtain the APK file from reputable sources, such as our website.

Is Google Account Manager MOD APK compatible with my Android phone?
YES, this mod is compatible if your Android phone runs version 4.4 or higher.


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