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UpdateMarch 17, 2023
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Childhood was a phase of pure solitude. If we reminisce about the mischiefs of old days, we would want to go to the past. Everyone might have some mischiefs that they love and cannot forget. Some might have rung the neighbours’ doorbell and run away, poured water on their friends, and even called their relatives, acting like a girl. Do you want to make those things happen again? Yes?
Magic Call MOD APK is taking us to the past again. You can now call your friends and relatives acting like a girl or boy. The fun part is you would not get caught. This app allows you to change your voice to different genders. You can also change voices and add background within the call. You can easily prank anyone with this amazing app.

What is Magic Call APK?

Magic Call APK is a fun app to change your voice. You can test your voice after changing it and then call whoever you want to. It also helps you to enable background voices, such as traffic, clapping, etc. You can do pranks on people without getting caught.
Not only that, but this also comes in handy when you have to call someone without recognising you. You can add different emotions to your voice.

What is Magic Call MOD APK?

Magic Call MOD APK is a modified version of the magic call. It has some advanced features. You can enjoy real-time changing of voices for free. These kinds of apps are rare and not always found for free. Furthermore, its features are inexpensive, and everybody loves free things, so why not?
This is a voice-changing app which you can use to prank your friends, relatives or anyone else. It is merely made for fun and relaxation of the mind. Jokes apart, you can also use it for serious situations, such as tricking a fraud into custody. Local people do not have advanced tools to recognise these apps, so that this app can work well.

What is New in The Latest Version of Magic Call MOD APK?

BNG MOBILE adds new features to the app, and the latest versions are also introduced from time to time. Likewise, the latest version of Magic Call MOD APK has new advancements. It includes fixing bugs and the addition of a dream girl voice.

Why Use Magic Call MOD APK?

Nowadays, life has been hard on everyone. The past few years have been utter chaos: corona pandemic, natural disasters, political disagreements, inflation and the increasing unemployment ratio. People have become working machines.
We all need some peace of mind. So, apps like Magic Call MOD APK irks fun in the boring disastrous life. I would advise you to chill out, do some fun and relax your mind. So, choose your favourite voice and call your friend or relatives. If you keep your limits, a little fun will cause no harm!

Features of Magic Call APK

Voice Change

This app allows you to change your voice before and during a Call. It has a variety of voices, such as a girl, boy, robot, cartoon, older man etc. You can interchange between voices to act like another person. You can switch your voice, and the other person will not even think it is you. It makes pranks easier.

Background Effects

This app has an interesting feature, which has different background voices. During a call, you can also make noises in the background. These voices include traffic, funny sounds, music, rain, laughter and more. You can adjust it according to your prank and make it funny and interesting. You can also interchange it again and again in the call.

Test or Call Option

There is an option whether you want to test the voice or call directly. The test option helps as you can plan a prank, test the voices, set them up and call. This planning will lead to a successful mission!

Emotions in Sound

The app contains emotions in every sound. Suppose you are talking about something sad, then the voice would also give sad vibes.


It has a user-friendly interface, which is simple and easy to use. It is similar to calling apps, everyone is familiar with the calling interface, so it would not be a problem. This app has features other than normal calling apps. These features make it unique and accessible to everyone.

Free App

This app offers awesome features without costing anything. It is free to download.


It is available for all android phones. All you need to do is click the download button, install the app and start using it!

Earn Money

You can earn money using this app. You must share and promote the app with your friends and family, and the developers will give you money.

Features of Magic Call MOD APK

Unlimited Credits

The MOD version of this app offers unlimited credits. The credits are used for using any voice or emoticon. If you have unlimited credits, you can use every feature and effect. The hacked version makes it free. So, you would not have to pay for anything.

Premium Unlocked

The app unlocks the premium version. Many features and emoticons are in the premium version, usually locked. It requires money to unlock, but this hacked version solves this problem. You can get all the premium features for free.


You can enjoy an ad-free experience with this app. Ads are quite irritating when using an app. So, this version helps you sort out the problem.


If you want to escape from the boring, busy life, then this app is the best. It is a good source of fun and peace. Allow yourself to loosen up. Go on and download the Magic Call MOD APK.


Q. Is Magic Call MOD APK offline?
No, it is not offline. This app does not work even if the internet connection is low.
Q. Is Magic Call MOD APK safe to use?
Yes, it is free of any bugs or viruses. You can rest assured and download it.

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