How to start your good reading days


When we talk about studies, starting is always the most difficult. Selecting a beginning book for a new reader can be like wading through unfamiliar material. But don’t worry, we will guide you in this article on how to start your studies with Mamule for Beginners books.शुरुआती किताब

1. Step 1: Select a suitable book

It is important to choose the right book to get you off to a good start. For a beginning reader, look for simple and interesting books that interest you.

2. Enjoy the experience inside the book

After reading the book, you should enjoy the experience inside it. This means that you should try to connect with the characters in the book.

3. Make Notes

While you are reading the book, record important points in notes. This may prove helpful to you later.

4. Take time out

It is important to find time to study. Find time to study regularly so that your studies do not get disturbed.

5. Book Review

After reading the book, write a summary and share it with friends.

6. Start Swadhyaya Abhiyan

After the start of your studies, you can start a Swadhyay campaign to promote your study communication.

7. Join a book club

Joining a book club in your city can boost your reading.

8. Face challenges

Sometimes facing challenges from outside the world can make your life happier.

9. Take care of health

Keeping good health can help you in your studies.

10. Create balance

Strike a balance between studies and other areas of your life.

11. Enjoy learning

Consider studies as a learning journey, and try to learn something new every day.

12. Time Management

Learn time management skills, so that you can handle other activities along with your studies.

13. Solution of questions

Explore and find answers to outstanding questions in your mind.

14. Ideal value of books in the world

Books have ideal value in the world, and enjoy it as your studies.

15. Closing

To get success in your life with studies, consider its completion and be happy.


Reading beginner books can be an enjoyable and learning journey. This is important for a new reader as it can make the beginning of their reading easy and exciting. By studying carefully, making notes, and managing time, you can be on your way to success right from the beginning of your studies.

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