Alexa rank is very important for every website blog. The Alexa rank of your site will reach 70% of the audience who will want to visit your site after seeing the Alexa rank. That’s why website owners or bloggers come up with many tips and tricks to increase Alexa rank. Because of this most of the tricks are done. By following them you can improve the Alexa rank of your blog. Alexa rank increases the commercial value of your blog. Or do you know how important commercial value is for a website or blog? The higher the value of your site. Your CPC on your AdSense advertisement will be that much higher.

If you want your site or blog to be on top of Alexa rank or you want to earn good income from AdSense then you can try the tricks mentioned in this post. Earlier also I posted about Alexa rank. So if you want to earn maximum money from your blog, first improve the Alexa rank of your blog. I promise you will earn good money from AdSense.

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Alexa Rank was launched by Amazon in 1996. Its function is to show the analytics report of the website blog to show how popular the website is. What is Alexa Rank, How to Submit Alexa Rank in Blog,  in the post you will get detailed information about what is your Alexa rank. You can read this post if you want.

Who are the faces of the Alexa Rank website?

Alexa’s rank depends on blog traffic, pageviews per day, activity on social media, website content, new post updates, social sharing, guest posting, commenting, and backlinks. That means, the more traffic you get on your site, the more comments you get, the more people share your site, and the higher your Alexa rank will be. For more information about this, read the post How to Add Alexa Ranking Widget to Your Blog.

How to Increase Alexa Rank of Website 10 Popular Tarikes

Here I am telling you about some of the best ways to improve your Alexa rank. By following them you can improve the Alexa rank of your blog.

1) Claim Your Site To Alexa:

First of all, submit your site to Alexa. To submit your site to Alexa, you can follow our How to Submit Alexa Rank Blog post.

2) Work With Better SEO:

The best way to increase the Alexa rank of a blog or website is to ensure that the posts on your site are written with better SEO. Your one SEO-friendly post can take your site to the top 10k Alexa rank. Better SEO Kya Hota Hai  Black Hat SEO Vs White Hat SEO Kya Hota Hai has been explained in detail in the post. If you want to write the best post, you must read this post once.

3) Social Media Sharing:

When you publish a new post, please share the post on social media. Because you spend hours on one post, you can share even a 5-minute post. Alexa’s rank also depends on social media activity.

4) Create Your Site Page:

Create a page for your site on Facebook, or Google Plus, or continue sharing your new post on us. This way you will also get visitors. Backlinks will also be available. The Alexa rank of your site will also be better.

5) Guest Posting:

Start guest posting on your blog or share guest posts on other blogs. This will give you backlinks from other blogs. When your site gets backlinks, the ranking of your site will also increase. If you want, you can also guest post on support India.

6) Fresh and Clear Article:

While writing the post, do not add content based on any topic. Write only that much which is necessary. The information given in the post should be clear so that your visitors can easily understand the post. This will increase the bounce rate of your site.

7) Comment On Other Blog:

Maintain good relationships with other blogs by commenting on them related to your blog, this will increase the value of your site. Or with this, you will also get more traffic. Almost every successful blogger does this. Commenting is the best or most free way to earn backlinks for a blog.

8) Add Alexa Widget To Blog:

Add an Alexa rank widget to your blog. This is a free or easy tip to improve your blog’s Alexa ranking. Mainly it is explained step by step in detail in the post How to Add Alexa Ranking Widget to Blog. You read this post once. His bad luck has come to the post again.

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9) New Update Content:

There will be as much new or different information as possible on your blog. The Alexa rank of your blog will be higher. If you write 5 such posts that are already on the internet or 1 such post that is not already on the internet, then one post will be better than your already existing 5 posts in increasing Alexa rank.

10) Add Alexa Toolbar To Your Browser:

Install the Alexa toolbar in your browser. This helps in tracing or updating your site. Alexa toolbar will help you in getting your site in the best position. Along with yourself, tell your friends to add the Alexa toolbar to their browser. To know how to increase the rank of the blog with the Alexa toolbar, read our post How to Install the Alexa Toolbar in Google Chrome.

11) Right Post On Alexa: To increase the Alexa rank of your site, write posts on the Alexa rank on the site. Which Alexa likes the most.

By the way, in this post, I have told you the ways to improve your Alexa rank. All of them are in the best way. I repeat once again that it is very important for a blog to have a better Alexa rank. That’s why don’t ignore this message. Or try to improve the ranking of your site. You do not have to put much effort into adding an Alexa widget to your blog or Alexa toolbar to your browser. Remember this is your gift.

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