Pollution is something that no one likes. But we are also responsible for pollution. Our activities contribute to environmental pollution. We consider it important to keep our house clean but forget about the environment we breathe which is our home. Whereas pollution is a threat to all living beings.

In this article, we are writing an essay on environmental pollution keeping in mind the causes and effects of pollution, the objective of which is to make people aware of environmental pollution.

If you are a student and looking for a pollution essay then you can take the help of this article. Also, by spreading this article to other people through social media, you can contribute to stopping pollution.

Through an essay on environmental pollution, you can learn how pollution spreads and what effect it has on our lives.

Essay on Environmental Pollution – Essay on Environmental Pollution in Hindi

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Pollution consists of contaminants, impurities, or other filth that cause changes in the existing process of the environment. When pollution affects the environment we call it environmental pollution. Substances that contribute to pollution are called pollutants.

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There are three major contributors to environmental pollution (air pollution, soil pollution, and water pollution) and these pollutions arise due to human activities or natural disasters.

Pollution has dangerous effects on all living beings. A polluted environment harms our health. Due to the increasing rate of pollution, the lives of all living beings on earth are in danger.

What will be our future if environmental pollution continues to increase like this? There may come a time when we have to carry an oxygen kit with us to breathe. We will not have pure water to drink. Our lifespan will be reduced. Many dangerous epidemics will arise and we will have to struggle to survive.

The main cause of pollution is man-made laboratories, factories, and various technologies. Life earlier was better than today. At that time there was no technology to spread pollution.

People of earlier times did not have any health problems because they had pure air to breathe and water to drink. But today, due to increasing environmental pollution, even small children suffer from many diseases.

If action is not taken at the right time, life on Earth will come to a halt. Because pollution can prove to be a big threat to our future. We all humans are responsible for this. Therefore, only together can we save ourselves from this danger.

We have to understand that Earth is the only planet on which life is possible. By promoting pollution, we are putting our own lives in trouble. We need a healthy environment to live. Therefore, every person has to contribute to reducing environmental pollution.

Many people do not take this problem seriously because they are unaware of the future consequences. They have to understand that the problem of pollution can become a big problem in the future. Therefore, everyone needs to be aware of this problem.

Increasing pollution is not just our problem, but it is a matter of concern for the entire world. The whole world needs to fight together to get out of this problem.

due to the increase in pollution

One of the major reasons for increasing environmental pollution is industrialization. Big industries release poisonous gases into the air. Additionally, harmful chemicals are released into the water. Industrialization is contributing the most to increasing pollution.

Technical resources are being used in large quantities. We use bikes or cars even to cover short distances. Now no one uses bicycles.

Nowadays plastic is being used everywhere. Excessive amounts of chemical fertilizers and pesticides are being used in farming which harms the fertility of the soil.

Burning of fossil fuels (brick kiln) releases poisonous gases which cause acid rain and global warming. Natural disasters are occurring due to air and water pollution.

Measures to prevent environmental pollution

It has now become very important to stop environmental pollution. If we love our life then we have to come together and take steps to reduce pollution.

To reduce environmental pollution, first of all, we have to control the population because the more the population, the more natural resources will be created and used to meet human needs.

Also, deforestation has to be stopped. People have to be made aware of tree plantations. We ignore the environment for our selfishness due to which we are endangering the lives of all living beings. We all have to remember the importance of nature.

The use of plastic will have to be reduced. Organic farming will have to be adopted. The use of technical means will have to be minimized. The use of fossil fuels has to be controlled. The sources of renewable energy will have to be increased. We have to stop those activities which promote pollution.


Man is the biggest responsible for environmental pollution. By ignoring the environment for his selfish interests, man has endangered the lives of all living beings. Today the environment is suffering from pollution due to industrialization, modernization, factories, nuclear testing, and technological resources.

Today pollution has become the biggest problem for us due to which protection of the environment is the biggest challenge for all of us. Therefore, we have to come forward selflessly to eliminate the problem of environmental pollution.

We can remain healthy only when the environment remains clean. Therefore, we have to take care of environmental friendliness before doing every work.

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