Power Slap’s latest update brings an exciting new PvP mode. Join the turn-based fighter on mobile and engage in thrilling battles, with over 31 million matches played and one billion people slapped.

Rollic and Zynga have recently unveiled a significant update for their highly popular mobile game, Power Slap. This turn-based fighting game has achieved great success, with over 31 million matches played and more than one billion individuals experiencing the satisfaction of slapping others. The new edition introduces an exciting PvP mode that promises to elevate the gaming experience even further.The new PvP mode in Power Slap offers two choices: Match-Making PvP or playing with friends. In the first option, players will be paired up with opponents from different parts of the world based on their skill level. By winning matches, players can move up within their team’s league and check their position on leaderboards that are updated in real-time at both local and global levels.

As players advance in the game, they will be able to choose famous Power Slap heroes like Wolverine (Ron Bata), Ayjay “Static” Hintz, Da Crazy Hawaiian (Koa Viernes), and Dana White as their coaches. These coaches will assist, and additional income, and increase slap power for the players.

The Slap with Friends mode offers a more relaxed gaming experience where players can join matches with their friends, regardless of their skill level. They have the option to create private games and engage in intense battles against each other. Moreover, there are enhanced customization options available that allow players to personalize various aspects of their character’s appearance such as eyebrows, eyes, hair, face shape, body tattoos, and many others.

In regards to the update, Burak Vardal, CEO of Rollic, stated that their focus is on developing captivating experiences that appeal to players worldwide and establish a genuine connection with popular entities like Power Slap. The new features enable players to have complete control over the game and customize it according to their preferences, enhancing the innovative nature of Power Slap. They are eager for players to explore and share their unique in-game encounters.

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