There are a few things to keep in mind when thinking about the best accessible racing games. This list includes both realistic racing simulators and classic arcade racers. We attempted to keep our list of the best racing games centered on titles playable on current and last-gen consoles, but we recognize that there are some real gems in the historical archives that may be a little tough to find and play these days.Which Video Games Put you in the Driver’s Seat

So, whether you prefer kart racing, racing simulators, games that let you run incredibly fast, or experiences that are a bit more chaotic in nature, our list of the top 20 racing games should have something for you.

The Edge of the World Trip

If you tired of the same old games and want to add some excitement and peril to your digital life, go no further than this hidden treasure. Even though there is a sequel, the mystery and allure of the original have not lost. You won’t pay attention to the specifics until you’ve already crashed your bike into a dry stone wall and bashed your noggin open. You may load Google Street View to see how well the game replicates the real roads around the Isle of Man. As even a tiny hop might mean certain death, the game’s realism is rather severe unless you’re shooting perfectly straightforwardly. The game offers a rush like no other, but mastering it must take a special kind of insanity.

Violent Shock Waves

Like the previous one, this one is compatible with all the major operating systems. This brand-new game is designed to look and feel like an arcade classic from the 1990s. The game’s flat-shaded polygon aesthetics are evocative of another entry on our list, and the racing mechanics are accessible to newcomers while providing advanced controls for veterans. Drift hunters and slipstreams provide your turbo boost, but slipstreaming on its own may be enough to keep you in the lead as you accelerate for a furious closing lap. Apart from the absence of car wreckage, this is stunning, flowing, and pleasantly weird at points in the story.

Design a Second Round of Cars

What’s the deal with no Project CARS 3? Yes, of course. The third installment removes many of the features that made the first two games so enjoyable. The first sequel is the one to choose due to its wealth of great material and more polished look, even though the first game may have done a better job than any other at mimicking the spirit of an actual racing day. Finding a genre and song that work well together might keep you on the road for hours. The norm now is realistic driving in actual cars on actual tracks.

U.S.A. HD Daytona

After over three decades, Daytona USA is still often included on “best racing game” lists, establishing itself as one of the greatest arcade racing games of all time. With three instantly recognizable and meticulously designed courses, exquisite and deep vehicle control that takes years to fully master, and one of gaming’s most bizarre but great soundtracks, this remains as enjoyable as ever. Keep in mind that there may be issues while attempting to load it into your console.

It was originally for the PS3 and Xbox 360, but you racing can play it on PSNow as well. The Xbox One X and the Xbox One S both offer 4K resolution, however, you can’t buy this movie online or play it on any of those systems in the United Kingdom. You should instead use an Xbox 360 to make the purchase, and then use that account to download the content to your new device. Anything is possible in the game world. Daytonaaaaaaa!

A 2.0 Version of the Dirt Rally

Even though it lacks the official WRC license, Codemasters’ Dirt Rally has emerged as the greatest of the many fantastic rally games released over the last several years (at least, not yet – it will do from 2023). Although the official WRC games are accurate representations of this high-risk racing, the experience of driving at low and high speeds is best captured in Dirt Rally 2.0. Everything about it, from the feel to the realism of the surfaces, is top-notch. Playing the game on a pad is still a lot of fun, even if it is best played with a wheel and pedals (and a handbrake, if you can locate one). It’s important to understand why not everyone shows out to rallies on the weekends. It’s a rather tough task.


This remaster of the 2007 classic Race Driver GRID showcases state-of-the-art video game visuals and looks fantastic on modern hardware. The tracks are memorable, the weather effects are top-notch, and the handling is wonderfully forgiving, making this the perfect entry point for those who have never tried a serious racing game but are interested in doing so. Be advised, however, that this game is “toned down” from the original and won’t have the great damage tech of the Switch’s GRID Autosport, which we recently detailed. However, he is undeniably a formidable competitor.

Horizon Chase: Supercharged

This game, which is both modern and retro, recalls racing games from the late 1980s and early 1990s when sprite scaling was still utilized to simulate the illusion of 3D depth. Of course, modern games run as smoothly as greased lightning, and this scaling works well, particularly on Nintendo Switch. The gameplay consists of completing laps of a closed track while avoiding slower cars and making smart use of your turbo boost and fuel canisters. It’s entertaining and inexpensive, so you can’t pass it up.

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