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App Name Indian Bikes Driving 3D MOD APK
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UpdateMarch 13, 2023
MOD Info Free Rewards
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Indian Bikes Driving 3D is an amazing action game. It is the most famous game simulation game. In this game, a gamer can roam anywhere and do anything. This is an open-world type of game where you have the freedom to perform any activity.
This Indian Bikes Driving 3D is like GTA or vice city game. Here a gamer got rides on various amazing vehicles. There is a large city to explore in this game. You get directions to the city with the help of the map. A large map assists you in exploring the city and having an adventure.
Many different and exciting vehicles are there in this game. Among these vehicles, there are many cars and bikes that a gamer gets in this game. Drive these vehicles to experience the best trips of games. Complete different missions to get rewards in this game.

What is Indian Bikes Driving 3D Apk?

Are you looking for the best open-world game? Or are you worried about getting a light weighted game on your android mobile devices? Here is your help! Indian Bikes Driving 3D is the best realistic open-world game. It has amazing 3D graphics, which makes it more enjoyable.
In this game, you can drive any bike or car and do anything. There is a collection of amazing vehicles in this game. It includes cars such as Bugatti Chiron, Lamborghini, KTM, H2R, Hayabusa, and many others. Additionally, the collection of bikes has Thar, Splender, Royal Enfield, and many more. Many weapons are also available in this app.

What is Indian Bikes Driving 3D Mod Apk?

Indian Bikes Driving 3D MOD APK is a new mod version. It is an android game that has amazing graphics and an easy interface. Lots of vehicles are available in this game. It lets the user ride famous bikes and cars to roam in the city.
This game is like GTA. Yet, it has easier controls and unlocks all levels. You receive unlimited vehicles and gadgets in this game as well. The Mod version of this game provides a massive collection of gems and money. This mod version is more exciting to play.

How to Play Indian Bikes Driving 3D?

In this game, there is a character called, Mobster. You can control him. You can do anything in this game with this character. He involves in various illegal activities. And the gameplay is that police are following him. You have to help him escape.
Various missions are there in this game. In a big large city, you have to hunt for precious vehicles. Earn money by completing these missions. You have to ensure to keep yourself safe from the police.
Ride on a bike to go on an adventurous journey of the city. This game holds fun, thrill, adventure, and danger. Involve in any crime to win extra coins and gems. But, there are different codes for different results. Each vehicle type is different. So their codes are also unique.
For example, to call a helicopter for help, one should dial 8000. , 0015 is a code for motorbike.


Destroy City

In this game, you are doing anything in the city. Your character is doing lots of illegal activities in the city. Steal any car or bike and go on a trip to the city. Destruction of the city creates more fun for players.
In this game, you can play with deadly weapons that destroy the city. Game players can use many weapons to play this destruction game.

Call Codes

There are different call codes available in the game. Along with weapons, there are some specific codes to summon help in a crisis. For example, you can call a helicopter in a difficult, inescapable situation. The code for this is 8000 for situations you cannot escape.

Explore City

Different transport systems are available in the city. This can help you explore the city. You can pick up any car, bike, or helicopter for a road trip.


Large and detailed maps are available in this game. You can check out any location on these maps. You can destroy any large building located on the map.


Different vehicles are available in this game. In the mod version, you can now unlock unlimited bikes and cars. Use these vehicles to escape from cops. Move to the city’s outskirts to kill different people or destroy any property.

Easy Interface

This game has easy navigation. Users find its interface very easy. This increases the excitement of this game to play with ease.


To compete with different enemies, you have to fight with different weapons. In this game, you get different deadly weapons to kill your enemies. In the mod version, you can unlock all weapons. It includes different guns, explosives, and others.

Easy Controls

All games control are very smooth and within reach. The navigations are easy to control. A user can change the camera’s view with a few taps.

Replay the Game

You can play again and again. This game allows you to play in different ways. It lets you replay the game. You can change your vehicles and weapons each time you replay to get a different experience.

Escape Police

The main goal is to stay away from the police. For this purpose, there are different weapons and vehicles to make you escape there for help.

Earn Rewards

You get different rewards after completing every mission. Get a large collection of gems, coins, and money in the game.

3D Graphics

This game has amazing three-dimensional graphics. It increases the enthusiasm for the game. And it keeps the user engaged for a longer period.

Buy anything with money.

With the money, you can buy anything in the gameplay. You can buy weapons, vehicles, and others with this money.

MOD Features:

Unlimited Money
Unlimited gems
Unlimited coins
Unlock All Levels
Unlock unlimited Bikes
Free Shopping
No annoying Ads
Unlock Everything
In-game resources


Here is all about Indian Bikes Driving 3D MOD APK. This is a thrilling game that is like GTA. Its simple interface allows users to get involved in different criminal activities. Fight enemies, destroy the city, steal cars, and many more. Install this amazing game and get unlimited rewards.


Is it safe to download this game’s mod version on android devices?
Yes, it is completely safe and secures to download this game.
How do I unlock all levels in the Indian Bikes Driving 3D?
You can unlock all levels by downloading the Mod version of Indian Bikes Driving 3D MOD APK.
Can I block ads while playing this game?
You get no annoying ads in this latest version of Indian Bikes Driving 3D MOD APK.
Is this game provide money?
Yes. They provide unlimited money in the Indian Bikes Driving 3D MOD APK.
Is this game hard to get downloaded on mobile phones?
No. You can download this game on your mobile devices, i.e., Android devices.

Download Indian Bikes Driving 3D MOD APK (Free Rewards) v21.apk (86.92 MB)
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