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App Name Kerala Bus MOD Livery APK
Size 26.54 MB
Latest Version v4.6.3
UpdateMarch 14, 2023
MOD Info Latest Version
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This app is for everyone who loves to experience new things. Everyone is familiar with racing games that contain unique cars and bikes. This gameplay is also a racing game, but it involves big buses. On the roads of Kerala, the player will get a chance to show his driving skills. There are big buses in the game that you can choose from the menu. You can customise those buses according to your taste. You can paint it, add lights to it, and much more.
This app is for all Indian users who want to experience something different. The user will experience excellent 3D graphics and much more. This app is free of subscriptions and registration. Get this app from the google play store and the online website. Relax by playing this exciting game on a boring weekend. Keep on reading this article to know more about this gameplay.

What is Kerala Bus Mod Livery Apk?

Kerala Bus MOD Livery APK is the unique gameplay that you will ever come across. You will get a chance to own a bus and customise it. The gamer can enjoy the bus ride and have fun on the roads of Kerala. Explore different locations while driving the big bus. You can follow the maps as well that are present in the game. The best thing is the customisation option available in the game.
You can also put posters of your favourite South Indian actor on the bus. Get a chance to become the ultimate driving legend. You will get a chance to race with other buses in the gameplay. So buckle up to enjoy this game’s most thrilling experience and have fun. Download this app on any android version and enjoy.

What is Kerala Bus Mod Livery Mod Apk?

The modified version of this buss game allows the user to experience fun in a unique way. In this version, you can experience the thrill of bus driving in a fun way. You will get a lot of free options from the customisation menu. The free purchase option allows users to have fun with many new edition items. The latest mod is full of surprises that will make the gameplay more interesting.
The 3D graphics of this game allows the user to monitor everything from every side. Be careful while you drive on the road to Kerala. Get a chance to race with your friends and have fun. Download the mod version now and enjoy all the fun and excitement it brings.

How to Download This App?

This app is available on the Google Play store. All you have to do is open the play store and search for this app. Click the install button, and you are all set. There are no complex installation procedures that you have to follow. You can get this gaming app by following easy steps.
The mod version is not available on the Google play store. You can get it on the online website. Search for this version on the browser and click on the download button. Allow the storage permissions on the phone, and you are good to go. Enjoy all the fun and exciting features of the app, and have fun.

Features of Kerala Bus Mod Livery Apk

The following are the features of this exciting gameplay:

3D Graphics

The best feature of this app is its 3D graphics. You can have a top view look of the racing track and monitor the bus activities. The colour of the graphics is so bright that it will make you fond of this game. Every detail is so good that you will feel the element of realism. The realistic experience adds more fun to this game. The player will feel like he is on a real racing track. You can follow the maps to find your way, allowing you to visit and explore a new location.

Variety of Busses

Before beginning the game, the user will get a chance to choose his bus. There are a lot of options available to choose from the menu. New edition, as well as old buses, is there. It is upto the user what he wants to drive and continue his journey. You will find yourself on the most thrilling and hazardous paths. Drive with proper care and explore new things in the game.


The most exciting part of this gameplay is its customisation options. You can choose different designs and colours for your bus exteriors. You can also customise the bus’s interior by adding lights and much more. As this game belongs to the south of India, you can also add different posters of your favourite actor on the bus. Choose unique styles for your bus and make it the best of all.

Thrilling Racing Experience

You will find yourself in the most thrilling scenario of your gaming career. The gamer will get on hazardous roads and will get a chance to drive on them. Race with other players by choosing the multiplayer option. Enter into a world of chaos and have fun while driving on these dangerous roads of Kerala.

Easy Controls

This app contains easy controls. You will not face any difficulty while understanding the gameplay at all. When you start the race, all the keys will appear on the screen. Swipe left and right to move your bus on the road. Breaks and accelerators are also available on the screen. The game is challenging, but the controls are easy, making you fond of this gameplay. Complete the missions and become an ultimate racing champion.

Features of Kerala Bus Mod Livery Mod Apk

The mod version contains many exciting features that make this game unique. The following are the features of this gameplay:

Free Purchase

There are a lot of items that are not available in the original version of this gameplay. But the mod version contains an option for free purchase. By availing of this exciting option, the user can access all the premium features for free. So you don’t have to spend real money to get the game money. Save your cash and enjoy all the things for free.

Latest Mod

This mod is the latest mod that has exciting features in it. The user will experience a lot of new fun things. The menu contains a lot of free options that one can avail of. This latest version is free to download to use.

Available for All Androids

This app is available for all android users. You can download it on any Android version, and you are good to go. This app will not burden your phone storage and let you have a smooth experience. So download this app now and enjoy.


This unique gameplay is a bus game. It allows the user to drive buses on the roads of Kerala city and explore new things. The driver will get a chance to customise his bus and its exciting features. The chaotic yet thrilling experience of bus racing will leave the game speechless. So download this app now and enjoy all the fun and excitement it brings. Convert your boring day into a day full of joy by playing this unique gameplay.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Is it safe to download the mod version?
Yes, it is safe to download the new version. Although it involves third-party sources, you don’t have to worry as they are safe and sound.
Do we have to pay for this app?
No, this platform is free. You don’t have to pay anything.
Is it easy to download and understand?
Yes, the downloading method is straightforward. Anyone can download it, and it comes with a user manual, so if there is something you don’t understand, you can read the instruction and make yourself clear.
Is it available for all devices?
It is only available for android users. Android users worldwide can download this app and start having fun for free.



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