Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

App Name Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK
Publisher Naxeex Ltd
Size 102.94 MB
Latest Version v6.2.6
UpdateFebruary 7, 2023
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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  • Unlimited gems
  • Unlimited Money
  • Free Shopping

Vegas Crime Simulator APK is a third-person action game where you take control of a criminal and explore Las Vegas. Your character has complete freedom to move around the city. You can do car theft, start gunfights, engage in criminal activity, and a lot more. You can also fire directly at lawbreakers as well as police forces. If you’ve ever got to play the GTA series, the gameplay of this game might seem relatable. Get this game now and prepare yourself to do just about anything in this game.

About Vegas Crime Simulator APK

In this game, you live the life of a gangster in the enormous, 3D-rendered world of Las Vegas. You get to engage in fights with opponents. There are a lot of exciting locations which you can explore, including airports with planes and tanks and military facilities. Being surrounded by oppression, misrule, and self-centered individuals poses many challenges and dangers for you.

To make your character more fashionable, you can enter a garment store in the city. You can also learn and develop various abilities, including stamina, strength, precision, and use of weapons. There are many superhero weapons available in the store for this use.Vegas Crime Simulator APK

You can drive various vehicles around the town to appear cool, including sports cars, casual cars, racing cars, and more. In the car store, there are many vehicles that you can use for a variety of purposes. To protect yourself and move around the city safely, use an armored vehicle or any other big car with wheels.

Over 100 million people around the world play this game. Join the Vegas gangster and polish up your warrior skills to make it through and succeed.

Top Features of Vegas Crime Simulator APK

Vegas Crime Simulator APK is a famous action game with lots of fans. Let’s look at some of the critical features of this game to see what distinguishes it from others.

Play as a hero

In this thrilling third-person simulator game, you can decide whether to be good or bad. Because this terrible world does not have a place or offer mercy for missteps, you must make every effort to win. You have to finish missions, obstacles, and various quests to win. You can drive and pull off tricks and stunts on automobiles like cars, bikes, spacecraft, and even robots. You can even steal cars and engage in combat with different criminals.

Vegas Crime Simulator APK

Explore the City

With 3D animation, gangster conflicts, battles, and various gameplay elements explore the beautiful city of Las Vegas. You will be capable of controlling fantastic locations such as a military base with tanks and an airport with planes, as well as conducting stunts on cars, spacecraft, and other vehicles. You can even take advantage of the robot. You must fulfill missions and challenges to lead yourself in this cruel gangster world.You must try Summertime Saga APK For Android

The city is dominated by unfairness, misrule, and self-centered individuals. You have the option of being good or bad. To build a reputation in the community, you must complete quests and challenges such as stealing cars and constantly battling with other gangs. Join the game and protect your city from oppression.

Superhero Weapons

Numerous action hero weapons are available in the game to help you fight against your enemies. Among them are:

Magic Rope: It allows you to speedily travel around the city and visit important places such as military facilities, police stations, etc. You can also use it to catch bad guys.

Flight Mode: It allows you to fly through the sky like a superhero without using a jetpack.

Landing: You can jump from a high point without harming your body or health.Vegas Crime Simulator APK

Climbing Walls & Super Kick: You can kick any object or potential enemy with stronger power; kick anything, including cars, tower blocks, individuals, and the surroundings; move on vertical walls and climb roofs like superheroes.

Robots and Superhero Skins: You can efficiently convert your character into a robot to increase strength, armor, and life to protect yourself from dangers and opponents. The superhero skin will make you look like one and award you flying and jumping strengths.

Customize Your Character

In the city of Las Vegas, your character is a young gangster. You can take him to a garments store to make him look fashionable and attractive. You will also need to practice all of the essential gangster skills such as mastering the use of various weapons, confidence, precision, driving cars, stamina, and much more. Use your characters’ unique skills to assist you in mastering the game.

Lots of Cars

Vegas Crime Simulator APK has many cars available for casual driving, transportation, and other purposes. You can also look classy by driving a sports car around town. To ensure your security, you can also get a more secure vehicle, such as an armored vehicle with wheels.Vegas Crime Simulator APK


Vegas Crime Simulator APK will let Android video game players experience a realistic and interactive city with many discoverable elements, thanks to its beautiful 3D animation.

Furthermore, the game’s thorough and well-designed characters will make you have more fun through the in-game connections. The improved visual effects and lifelike experiences will definitely make the actions more interactive.Try this amazing Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK

Sound Effects

Vegas Crime Simulator APK offers outstanding audible experiences for Android players to enjoy through gaming and intriguing graphics. The rich sound effects allow you to enjoy the driving gameplay and gunfight actions. Additionally, the game’s captivating and compelling tunes will keep you connected. So, download the game now and experience the world as a gangster.


Vegas Crime Simulator APK is a thrilling third-person simulator game where you play as a gangster. You have to save the city from enemies and free it from oppression by using your superpowers. You have to finish missions, obstacles, and various quests to win.Vegas Crime Simulator APK

The detailed and engaging gameplay of the game will undoubtedly inspire fans of this traditional gangster simulation gameplay. As a super cool gangster, you can freely explore this open-world city and engage in heroic acts. It has many excellent features that turn your character into the greatest gangster in this city. Download Vegas Crime Simulator APK now and show your gangster talents to the world. Alternate Games: Nulls royale ultimate MOD APK

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